Short but sweet.

It’s not much, we know, but it is Beyoncé, therefore we absolutely care even if there’s only mere seconds of content. The enigmatic singer today leaked an incredibly short teaser that seems to suggest that tomorrow morning (9:00am EDT, or 01:00PM GMT) something massive is going to be happening.

We’re not sure exactly what that might be, but you can guarantee that we’re going to be all up on that like a monster truck when the clock strikes nine, and from the (admittedly short) sounds of the clip, it’s going to be worth the wait. After all we were pretty taken with ‘Bow Down’ in our Singles Club.


So it wasn’t a single after all, it was an advert for Pepsi, but we still get to hear a full minute of new Beyonce and see the singer hash it out with her previous incarnations before embracing her past. Nice concept, but we’re all a bit miffed it wasn’t at least a little more meaty – since when do you have a teaser for an advert? Take a look below.



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