James Blake inaugurates the 1-800-Dinosaur label with new single; may be collaborating with Kendrick Lamar

James Blake will inaugurate the new 1-800-Dinosaur label with a 12″ single.

1-800-Dinosaur started life as a club night in London’s Plastic People, with Blake, his manager / former R&S label manager Dan Foat and a collection of friends at the helm. The label will launch in late April with a dub version of ‘Voyeur’ from Blake’s new album Overgrown, and a non-album track ‘And Holy Ghost’ on the B-Side. You can watch the video for ‘Voyeur’ below.

The news comes in an interview between Foat and Juno Plus, in which Foat explains that ‘Voyeur’ first “came about through James developing an interest in house music at our Plastic People events”, and that the label’s initial focus is “to release forward thinking music, based around the people already involved with the label or our friends”. He also mentions that team Blake have been discussing a potential collaboration with Kendrick Lamar to be released through 1-800-Dinosaur and Top Dawg Entertainment, but emphasises that “it’s pure conjecture at the moment though, as everyone is too busy with touring commitments.”



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