Jeremiah Jae releases excellent collection of freaky Beatie Boys edits

Beat freak Jeremiah Jae has cast his third eye over the Beastie Boys back catalogue for a free remix LP. 

The Brainfeeder regular has dropped an album’s worth of Beastie Boys remixes. As per Jae’s 2012 LP Raw Money Raps, the new instrumentals are frazzled, spaced-out and psychedelic. Highlights: ‘Just A Test’ reimagined as a cosmic G-funk number; a super lo-fi version of ‘Intergalactic’ that sounds like it’s been plucked from an Ed Wood OST; and a spartan, cowbell-centric version of ‘Ch-Check It Out”. Highly recommended across the board, particularly for Jneiro Jarel and Quasimoto heads.

Head here to download. Jae recently teamed up with Oliver The 2nd for the Rawhyde mixtape. [via Potholes In My Blog]



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