Prince sues Twitter's Vine app for copyright infringement

Never mind the deluge of new material: Prince is as litigious as ever when it comes to protecting his copyrights.

However, this seems a bit excessive, even for the Purple One. The Vine application, which Twitter acquired and launched earlier this year, allows users to share six-second video clips — not exactly the type of wholesale piracy that DMCA copyright complaints are intended to prevent.

The Next Web reports that a representative from Prince’s NPG Records wrote to Twitter claiming that eight Vine video clips contained “unauthorized recordings” and “unauthorized synchronizations,” asking for them to be removed immediately.

The request was sent on March 22, and TNW says it appears that Twitter complied with the request, because the referenced clips are no longer viewable. According to Twitter, this isn’t the first time Twitter has received takedown requests for content that appeared on Vine.

In other Prince news, you can listen to Prince’s stoner-rock version of ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ — but definitely don’t Vine a clip of yourself singing along.



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