Rap savant Riff Raff working on book with <em>Spring Breakers</em> director Harmony Korine

Apparently, the rap savant has buried the hatchet with the controversial filmmaker.

As has been widely reported, Spring Breakers features a character that definitely resembles Mad Decent net sensation Riff Raff. Depending on who you ask, either Korine offered him the role that eventually went to James Franco, or he was some part of the inspiration behind the character. As with all things Riff Raff, the truth is nebulous.

However, the rapper tells Acclaim that he is working on a book with the filmmaker, in which Korine will interpret the rapper’s absurdist tweets. As for a release date, Riff Raff is unclear: “I dunno – we’re still working on stuff. Maybe around the time my album’s coming out. March, April? Maybe a little longer.”

Riff Raff warns against expecting an “accurate” reading of his tweets. “Nobody can perfectly understand what I’m saying. It’s somebody’s opinion. It’s how they feel about it… There’s no right or wrong answer in an interpretation,” he explains.

“It’s all in the person who’s interpreting, and how you feel about something. I mean, it doesn’t matter, really, about how somebody else interprets something. It’s like, if I love chocolate chip cookies, and you’re allergic to chocolate chip cookies, and you come and you look at me like ‘Oh, I don’t like that. I can’t eat that,’ that doesn’t mean that the chocolate chip cookies aren’t still there. They’re still right there, but the only difference is that I like them and you don’t.”

Not everything is existential, however: “The thing about the book that’s good is that it grabs people who think ‘I’m interested to see what Harmony Korine would say about this’. I might get other people, celebrities, to get involved in this and give their opinion. And then you have the person buying the book, and they have their opinions too.”



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