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In today’s second bit of New Order related news, the band’s ex-bassist Peter Hook has announced that he will be releasing a digital-only album documenting his recent renditions of New Order’s classic Movement and Power, Corruption & Lies. Entitled Live at Manchester Cathedral: 18th January 2013, the record finds Hooky accompanied by his band The Light, and as they stomp through New Order’s first couple of albums you can almost hear the bassist’s anonymity towards his former friends and bandmates. [via Exclaim]

You can read an interview with the ever controversial Peter Hook from FACT’s own Kiran Sande right here.

Live at Manchester Cathedral: 18th January 2013 will be released on April 22 via PlayConcert.


01 In a Lonely Place
02 Ceremony
03 Procession
04 Dreams Never End
05 Truth
06 Senses
07 Chosen Time
08 ICB
09 The Him
10 Doubts Even Here
11 Everything’s Gone Green
12 Denial
13 Mesh
14 Cries and Whispers
15 Age of Consent
16 We All Stand
17 The Village
18 5 8 6″
19. Your Silent Face
20 Ultraviolence
21 Ecstasy
22 The Beach
23 Leave Me Alone
24 Hurt
25 Temptation
26 Blue Monday



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