Premiere: Hype Williams remixes PVT's 'Vertigo' with predictably oddball results

Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland let teenage chatter do the heavy lifting on their latest remix.

For those that have followed the career of Hype Williams, hearing dialogue from Sixteen Candles and a conversation between teen girls about interracial love on this remix should not come as a surprise. The enigmatic duo have a way of regurgitating pop culture in their music; as Blunt has said, “The best art has humour in it. You can’t take yourself too seriously.”

They clearly aren’t taking themselves too seriously on this remix of ‘Vertigo’, off London-via-Sydney trio PVT’s Homosapien. The original vocals have been almost entirely stripped out (perhaps they read our review of the album?) and replaced by the aforementioned tean chatter. Trying to focus on either the dialogue or the sonic gauze does create the titular effect, though.

Apart from the label they launched last year, the members of Hype Williams have focused on their solo endeavors: both Copeland and Blunt are preparing debut LPs.



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