Four to the phwoah - marvel at, the matchmaking site for techno fans

Single? Outgoing? Really into Perc? Welcome to

We’ve all been there: the conversation’s flowing, the chemistry’s effortless, but then Dopplereffekt crops up in conversation and the date descends into farce and recrimination. As Resident Advisor report, the lovelorn 4×4 fan now has cause to celebrate.

TechnoDating is a dating site set up in 2012 for “all techno lovers looking for a partner with the same taste of music”. The site functions like any other dating service, with users uploading profiles and trading pictures, but a passion for techno is de rigueur. Budding producers can also upload and share their own tracks, or casually natter about music in one-on-one chatrooms. German, Swiss and Austrian versions of the site are also active.

Thus far, your amorous options include 32 year old housefairy from Cardiff, Cove Bay youngster zyzzbrah and Shoreditch singleton origma. It’s evidently not the flushest of sites – the front page is a minefield of spelling errors and grammatical boobs – but who’s to stand in the way of love?



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