Snoop Dogg / Lion is throwing a 4/20 party and livestreaming it to the world

This Saturday is 4/20, which means that a lot of your friends will be too busy watching How High to answer their phones, and your Twitter feed will be filled up with bad jokes. Let’s face it: once you’re out of your teens, that hallowed date just isn’t that fun for most of us.

For Snoop Lion (formerly Dogg, formerly Doggy Dogg), however, it’s a lot of fun. Not just because Snoop smokes enough weed to a) be banned from half of Europe, and b) think this whole Reincarnated thing is gonna last, but because this year he’s throwing a mansion party to celebrate stoner’s night, described in the below advert as “the hottest party in the world”. If you don’t believe that, then bear in mind that an ad (now removed) was recently posted on Craiglists seeking “friendly, attractive, 420 girls” for the party. Sounds pretty hot to us.

The best bit though? For a mere $4.20 (see what they did there), you can stream Snoop’s 4/20 party live from the comfort of your own home, via All Hip-Hop. Let’s face it, it’s no substitute for going out this Saturday, or even watching How High with your friends, but for the lonely stoner (s/o Kid Cudi), it might help keep those demons away for one more night.

And hey, if you’re lucky, Snoop might even DJ.




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