Brian Eno produces specially commissioned healing soundscapes for Hove hospital

Brian Eno’s music has always had a restorative effect, and now the NHS are getting in on the act. 

As The Independent report, the producer has crafted two bespoke compositions for a hospital in Hove. Montefiore Hospital now hosts two Eno works, including an exclusive full-length piece designed for the patients, visitors and staff. ‘Quiet Room For Montefiore’ is a fixed composition that can only be heard in the hospital’s downstairs area. The reception area also features ’77 Million Paintings For Montefiore’, which creates a constantly modulating soundscape using Eno’s “generative music” system. The work  was reportedly inspired by the endeavours of Florence Nightingale.

The compositions come in the wake of research showing that music and art “can produce improved psychological, physiological and biological outcomes of clinical significance in patient care.” For those Eno enthusiasts currently planning a self-inflicted injury to see the work, we’d advise putting down the mallet and nail; the same technology behind ’77 Million Paintings For Montefiore’ is available to sample on Eno’s commercially available Scape iPad application.

Other hospitals have reportedly “expressed particular interest in Brian’s installations”. Eno appears on James Blake’s recent Overgrown LP. [via Pitchfork]

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