Flying Lotus contributes original music to new film, produced by Jay-Z

Flying Lotus and Jay-Z have thrown their weight behind a new arthouse flick, set to open this weekend in the States.

Trevor Nance’s An Oversimplification of Her Beauty will have its premiere over the next two days in New York City. The film follows an artist who, having been stood up by a mysterious girl, expostulates about the meaning of love, attraction and feeling.

Jay-Z is listed as executive producer alongside comic Wyatt Cenac, actress Joy Bryant, and journo Dream Hampton. HipHopDX also report that the film features original music from Flying Lotus. According to a blog post by Nance, the FlyLo connection was something of a coup:

“I was trying to meet Flying Lotus, my favourite musician right now. Myself, my brother Nelson…and one of my DP’s Matthew Bray were successful. It was great connecting with – let me re-iterate – my favorite musician since Stevie Wonder.”

An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty will open on April 26. The trailer is below, backed by Cosmogramma cut ‘Computer Face // Pure Being’.



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