The few-more-mysterious Boards of Canada move into third gear on the latest part of their great Easter Egg hunt.

The Boards of Canada website currently redirects to (Cosecha, don’t forget, is the rumoured title of their new album). Go there, and hit ‘view source’. What do we see?

—— / —— / —— / —— / XXXXXX / ——

We’re guessing the password required to log into cosecha-transmisiones is that slippery fifth slot in the six-part puzzle that has had the Internet going even more nuts than Mike Jones. So far, we know that the other five numbers read (via clues on Radio 1, NPR / Adult Swim, a limited vinyl record, the Twoism message board’s banner and a YouTube clip) 699742 / 628315 / 717228 / 936557 / —— / 519225.

If this is confusing the utter hell out of you, then don’t worry: you’re probably just normal. You can read up on 2013’s most mysterious pre-release campaign here.

Update: If you head further into the page’s source code, there is a six-digit number, 556468, but it’s not the password – and neither is the 22-Aug-96 date written in dd/mm/yy format.

Update 2: And Warp’s online store, Bleep, are now stocking a new Boards of Canada album titled Tomorrow’s Harvest (“cosecha” is Spanish for “harvest”. The password, it turns out, was 699742628315717228936557813386519225, which takes you to this promo video for the album.

Update 3: If you want to own the limited Boards of Canada 12″ found in Other Music, a.k.a. the start of this whole scenario, you now can. lilcakey, the Reddit user who originally posted about the single and uploaded the music is selling the record on Ebay. And before Boards of Canada super-fans start swarming the guy, we spoke to him and he’s got valid reason to.

Update 4: The Ebay auction currently stands at $709 after 41 bids, with six days and six hours to go.

Tomorrow’s Harvest will be released on June 10, with the following tracklist and artwork:

Reach For The Dead
White Cyclosa
Jacquard Causeway
Cold Earth
Transmisiones Ferox
Sick Times
Palace Posy
Split Your Infinities
Nothing Is Real
New Seeds
Come To Dust
Semena Mertvykh



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