Legowelt gives away his score for Commodore 64 game <em>Loch Ness</em>

Bergerac-worshipping, ghost-hunting, Memphis-facing card Legowelt has treated the world to another quirky curiosity –  a full soundtrack to a new Commodore 64 game.

Back in January, Legowelt’s PACIFIC MICRO INTERNATIONAL™ software company announced a competition for retro software designers. The prize? A chance to develop the game in full, with a bespoke SID chip soundtrack from the Dutch wizard himself.

The competition was fierce, with UFO Abduction Syndrome and Mysteries Beyond The Van Oort Cloud snatching silver and bronze. The grand prize, however, went to Rashid Maheswari’s Loch Ness, a “step in the life of unadventurous researcher that has to find proof that the Loch Ness monster exists”.

Having already released the dinky theme tune, Wolfers has now uploaded the entire soundtrack for free download through the PACIFIC MICRO website. According to Wolfers, the score was “composed and recorded on a snowy winter evening with a bunch of Commodore 64s, using its mighty MOS SID chip going trough [sic] a barrage of analog delays, tandy radioshack mixers and electromagnetic static that’s emitted by the rubbing of Legowelt’s fleece sweaters and silk blouses straight onto dusty cassette tape.”

Click here to download. Legowelt was recently remixed by Actress as part of Clone’s long-running Jack For Daze series; head here to listen.

1. A Monster So Beautifull
2. Ritual Of Abramelin
3. A Modern Day Myth
4. Driving Music
5. Loch Ness Martial Arts Club
6. Main Title
7. Paradoxal Science
8. Boat Chase
9. Main Title Dark Depths Version

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