BitTorrent launches new format for content creators, partners with Ultra Music

BitTorrent launches a multimedia format in the company’s continuing effort to end its association with online piracy.

BitTorrent Bundles look to combine audio, video, and forms of “fan interaction” within one file. The format is in alpha, and the company has paired with EDM powerhouse Ultra Music for the first Bundle: a behind-the-scenes look at Kaskade’s recent tour, with both free content (a remix and a trailer) and content that can be unlocked using email.

BitTorrent is billing Bundles as “a distributed technology solution for creators”:

We don’t need another digital radio station. We don’t need another walled garden or standalone content store. We need ways to place value exchanges within the content itself – allowing these exchanges to travel freely, without barriers or limitations; allowing these exchanges to multiply as content is shared. Our goal is to move the interaction to where it matters; making it a property of the file, versus the distribution framework; giving artists real data about, and real access to, their fans.

Watch a video of how BitTorrent Bundles work below. The new format comes on the heels of BitTorrent’s Live and Surf services, and appears to be a more advanced version of the “bundle” that DJ Shadow released through the company last year. [via The Next Web]

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