Download a pack of ringtones by Dubbel Dutch, Rizzla, Lil Jabba and more

Portland club night Club Chemtrail curates a pack of ringtones from a diverse group of producers.

Well, this is a fantastic idea: get 14 producers from various corners of the underground dance world and get them to craft ringtones, the “ubiquitous and ever-present media [that] exemplifies the 21st century human’s constant engagement with technology.”

That’s exactly what Portland collective Club Chemtrail (comprised of Massacooramaan, SPF666, and Commune) did. “On crowded buses and busy streets, chirps&beeps&snippets of popular songs loudly announce a phone call or text message, social contact and correspondence. Additionally, technological and cultural innovation has encouraged the production and consumption of music at an ever-increasing rate.”

In the pack (which includes both .mp3 and the iPhone’s .m4r files), you’ll find “chem tones” from dancehall king Dubbel Dutch, Kunq master Rizzla, footworkers Lil Jabba and Wheez-ie, and ballroom beatsmiths Kevin JZ Prodigy and Divoli S’vere, among others. Download the pack now, and sample it below.



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