Regis, Silent Servant and James Ruskin announce new project, Jealous God

Cause for celebration for those still mourning the passing of Sandwell District: Regis and Silent Servant are launching a multipurpose techno project.

As band-cum-label-cum-DJ team Sandwell District, Karl O’ Connor (Regis), Juan Mendez (Silent Servant) and David Sumner (Function) made an indelible imprint on the development of techno over the last decade, producing a powerful creolization of 4×4 techno and glowering post-punk before calling it a day in 2011. Neophytes are advised to spend some time with 2009’s classic Feed-Forward; seasoned listeners are advised to return to it.

As Resident Advisor report, O’Connor and Mendez are set to apply the Sandwell District template to a new musical venture, conceived under the auspices of O’Connor’s Downwards imprint. As per Sandwell District, Jealous God will operate as a multifaceted label/recording/event project, and is intended “for the mutants of our age”. O’Connor will take on a CEO role, Mendez will operate as the project’s visual director, and fellow techno figurehead and Blueprint boss James Ruskin will contribute as music director.

At the tail-end of May, Jealous God will put out their first physical release. SS/S – acollaboration between Silent Servant and Semantica boss Svreca – will issue the Sicario de Dios 12″. As per all forthcoming Jealous God releases, the 12″ will arrive supplemented by a bespoke art zine, and the first 100 copies will also come bundled with an “artifact” – a tote bag, in this case.

Jealous God have also offered a taster of their forthcoming releases for the year: Ruskin will release a new 12″; Silent Servant will drop a solo disc, backed by a Powell remix; Regis/Ruskin collaboration O/V/R have a disc on the way; and vintage coldwave outfit In Aeternam Vale will all put out music on the imprint. Future “artefacts” include a military logo badge and, in a nod to that Silent Servant edition, an engraved logo dagger.

Sicario de Dios by SS/S will arrive later this month. Two-thirds of Sandwell District, it should be noted, reconvened last month to produce the Fabric 69 mix CD (which, as it happens, features material from SS/S). Downwards recently expanded into North America.

1. Siglo 1
2. Siglo 2
3. Siglo 3
4. Siglo 4



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