Beyonce spends £700+ in Nandos, cancels show, pens hand-written apology letter to fans

Presumably, of course, the three events aren’t related. 

Everybody loves Nandos – it’s pretty much the official food of UK dance music, if our Twitter feed is anything to go by – and Beyonce is no different. Except, of course, she takes it to the next level. On May 12, following a live show in Dublin, Beyonce and her entourage dropped 870 Euros – around 730 pounds – on chicken at Nandos’ Dublin chain. Don’t get too excited though: the manager did take £12.75 off the sizeable bill; a discount that we hope went towards a hefty tip for Beyonce’s waiter Derek.

In more pressing Beyonce news, she’s penned a hand-written letter to those left disappointed by the cancellation of yesterday’s live show in Belgium (Tuesday May 14). In a move that’s swiftly becoming her trademark – remember her letter to Obama at the last election? – Mrs. Carter apologised for pulling out of the show, for reasons of “exhaustion and dehydration”, and promised that she “will make it up very soon”.

You can read the full note below, along with Beyonce’s all-important receipt from Nandos Dublin. FACT’s Chal Ravens was recently at the London leg of Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter tour – you can read her thoughts here.



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