Rich Gang Rich Girl.

So here’s something we weren’t expecting: after the news was broken earlier by MTV, boss of the Cash Money label Birdman has now confirmed that Paris Hilton (yes THAT Paris Hilton) is the newest member of the Rich Gang. The label, which counts bizarre rapper Lil Wayne and pop superstar Nicki Minaj among its number, made headlines not so long ago with the shock signing of Limp Bizkit, but at least Durst’s tired band of rap rockers were actually a band, that actually made music and stuff.

Hilton has dipped her toe into music before, with a few laughable attempts at DJing and the painfully average Paris LP back in 2006, but she told Showbiz411 that the new album would be “a lot different than my first album, it’s really going to be house music.” We’ve heard that before.

We’ll wait until the music finally surfaces to cast any proper judgement, but let’s be honest, the signs aren’t looking promising.



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