Krautrock figurehead Conrad Schnitzler might have passed away in 2011, but his influence continues to percolate. 

Training under Joseph Beuys, Schnitzler dipped in and out of some of the most iconic German outfits of the 1970s, working with Kluster, Tangerine Dream and his own Eruption outfit. His thrumming electronic music is often fingered as a crucial link in the DNA of techno and synth wave, and celebrated electronic artists have correspondingly paid tribute; he was “reconfigured” in a 2011 remix set from Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer. Those seeking to scrub up on his life and times were given a lifeline last year in the form of Vinyl On Demand’s ConTainer T1-12: 1971-1983 – an eight disc vinyl box set surveying his 1970/1980s purple patch.

Productive archivists Bureau B are just about to reissue two hard-to-find Schnitzler albums dating back to 1981. Contempora is an expansive compendium of short sketches and half formed pieces, composed on EMS Synthi A and Korg MS10 synthesisers. Conrad And Sohn, meanwhile, is a cosy split LP with his son Gregor; the father handles Side A, the son is represented on the flip.

Both records have been expanded for the occasion. The vinyl edition of Contempora now features eight new tracks, with the CD edition boasting one extra track. The CD edition of Conrad And Sohn, meanwhile, now boasts five bonus tracks, although the 12″ will keep the same tracklist as the original.Both record will come with liner notes from fellow Krautrock traveller Asmus Tietchens.

Both records are due tomorrow on vinyl, CD and digital formats. A selection of Contempora snippets are available to sample below.



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