Driftless Recordings is born.

Musicians Joel Ford (aka Airbird and one half of Ford & Lopatin) and Patrick McDermott have today revealed their brand new label Driftless Recordings, an imprint that promises not only a slew of releases on vinyl, cassette and digital formats but also art installations, short films, fiction and more. That sounds ambitious, certainly, but the duo have a team of able bodies to help them to achieve their vision, many of whom are visual artists as well as musicians.

Since most of the names are likely pretty unknown, the label has pieced together a preview stream highlighting the various acts. From taking a listen, it sounds like a typically eclectic collection, from Ejecta’s dreamy Cocteau Twins-inspired pop to Jeff Gitelman’s Brainfeeder-esque funk. Take a listen below, and check out Sleepers Work’s A/V piece ‘Mojave Skyline’.

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