“I’m having all kinds of body temperature issues here.”

Filmed at Animal Collective’s All Tomorrow’s Parties weekend back in 2011, this clip sees Deerhunter and Atlas Sound frontman Bradford Cox excitedly asking minimalist maestro Terry Riley questions on Indian classical music, recording sounds from outer space, and the disappointing British weather. And although Cox is supposed to be the interviewer, he ends up doing most of the talking while the softly spoken Riley looks on.

The interview (brought to our attention by The Quietus) appears ahead of the Deerhunter-curated ATP festival on 21-23 June, which, tragically, will be one of the last ever ATP holiday camps.

Deerhunter’s latest album, the scuzzy, garage rock-tinged Monomania, came out on 4AD in July. Playing an Atlas Sound gig last year, Cox warned fans what happens “when you make requests” – you get The Knack’s ‘My Sharona’ for a solid hour.

FACT interviewed Riley last year about his continuing impact on music more than fifty years after his seminal minimalist composition In C.

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