Kaleidoscopic sounds from Vancouver, courtesy of Heartbeat(s).

Internet-savvy beat duo LOL Boys are having a (probably indefinite) pause in operations, although it hasn’t stopped band member Jerome LOL churning out a stash of remixes, edits and originals. Fellow LOL Boy Markus Garcia, meanwhile, has decamped to Vancouver and started up a new alias, Heartbeat(s).

Debut album Home Remedies arrives courtesy of Vancouver cassette imprint 1080p, also responsible for releases from M/M and scruffy house producer Bobby Draino. The LP is a real grab-bag, designed to match the eclectic and rough’n’ready feel of the mixtapes he listened to as a teenager: limber deep house, scrambled acid and ghettobass sounds all make an appearance. Dance Mania and Traxx are pinpointed as influences, and 1080p promise “heavy Detroit feelings leaking out of 303 twists.”

Home Remedies is available now on cassette and digital. Closing number ‘(We) Knew All Along’ – a granular techno track with echoes of Terekke and Svengalisghost – is available to stream below, as is a 15-minute album sampler. [via Exclaim]

Home Remedies:
1. Hocus Pocus (ft. Angelina Lucero)
2. Long Night Ahead
3. T.T.T. (Twerk Team Tryouts)
4. Brick & Birds
5. South Shore
6. Unemployed
7. Somewhere Between
8. Diss Track
9. (We) Knew All Along



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