Talking Heads: Lou Reed reviews <em>Yeezus</em>

Lou Reed hasn’t just been in the news because of his liver transplant — he’s also been as out-spoken as ever.

Not only does masturbation keep him creative, but the cult rocker is also a fan of Kanye West’s Yeezus. In a review for Talkhouse, Reed describes the album as “majestic and inspiring.” Here are some choice excerpts:

On Yeezus as “minimal”:

People say this album is minimal. And yeah, it’s minimal. But the parts are maximal. Take “Blood on the Leaves.” There’s a lot going on there: horns, piano, bass, drums, electronic effects, all rhythmically matched — towards the end of the track, there’s now twice as much sonic material. But Kanye stays unmoved while this mountain of sound grows around him. Such an enormous amount of work went into making this album. Each track is like making a movie.

How it reminds him of “farting”:

But why he starts the album off with that typical synth buzzsaw sound is beyond me, but what a sound it is, all gussied up and processed. I can’t figure out why he would do that. It’s like farting. It’s another dare — I dare you to like this. Very perverse.

His conclusion:

And it works. It works because it’s beautiful — you either like it or you don’t — there’s no reason why it’s beautiful. I don’t know any musician who sits down and thinks about this. He feels it, and either it moves you too, or it doesn’t, and that’s that. You can analyze it all you want.

Who knew that we should have enlisted Lou Reed for our head-to-head discussion of the record?



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