House and hip-hop producer Karizma will release a new double-album this September, titled Wall of Sound.

Karizma has been releasing music since the mid-’90s, but it wasn’t until 2007 that he released his debut album A Mind Of Its Own. 

Like that album, Wall of Sound will be released through the UK’s R2 Records and features 31 tracks spread across two discs (the digital version features several bonus cuts), including an intriguing collaboration with Yoruba Records’ Osunlade titled ‘Hear and Now’ [via Resident Advisor].

R2’s Soundcloud page is currently streaming samples; we’ve embedded both that and Karizma’s FACT mix below.


Wall of Sound tracklist:

CD 1:
01. Krystofer
02. Mama
03. Just A Thing
04. Rimaniss
05. Deeper Than You Know
06. Kan Rock Feat. Krystofer
07. Hear And Now Feat. Osunlade
08. Ya Dig
09. Nuffin Else
10. Reflektives
11. W.O.Slude
12. Kellah
13. Within Me
14. Naycha
15. 2wice
16. Melodies Of Life
17. Knext
18. The Tinkler

01. The Gates
02. Still Tha Same Thing
03. Off The Wall Feat. Rokaz
04. Rude Boy Rub
05. One Note Jam
06. My Destiny
07. Grabbb Somebody Beats
08. Tool Up
09. Systeme’
10. Sense Of It All
11. Pianolude
12. A Set Purpose Feat. Sean Mccabe
13. So.Mthin

Digital Bonus Tracks:
01. Ooh Pt.2
02. The Red Sunrise
03. Miss You
04. W
05. How
06. Up To You

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