L.I.E.S announce string of 2013 releases from Bookworms, Jahillya Fields. and more

L.I.E.S. – scruffy house nonpareil, and one of our favourite labels of 2012 – have revealed their busy schedule for the next few months.

Making the most of their critical momentum, the label have kept up an impressive release schedule throughout 2013, dropping 12″s from regulars like Steve Summers, Svengalisghost and Delroy Edwards. Roughneck San Fran producer Vereker, starry-eyed FACT favourite Terekke, and Marcos Cabral have also cropped up on the label; you can stream the latter’s new LP here.

As Juno Plus report, the label have now announced four impending releases due before the end of the year. The first of the bunch will come from Miami young gun Greg Beato, recently responsible for a quality EP on FunkinEven’s Apron label (check the brilliant, weightless ‘Respect The 78’). His PMA 12″ will feature three new tracks. PMA will be followed by a new platter from Beau Wanzer – one half of jack fanatics Mutant Beat Dance, and a constituent part of Streetwalker, whose 2013 Cititrax LP surely ranks as one of the year’s most underrated to date. His self-titled disc also runs to three tracks, and promises “stripped down functional” fare.

Two of the label’s bigger names will also come through with EPs of their own. Bookworms will follow up last year’s ‘Love Traingles’ with the Japanese Zelkova EP, which reportedly offers a shift from Bookworms’ usual chattering, machine-tooled sound. Jahiliyya Fields, whose psychedelic Unicursal Hexagrams LP enchanted us no end, will release the four-track Pleasure Sentence set. Once again, it promises a break from the norm – where much of his work to date has been beatless, the new set will be backed by a techno pulse.

As yet, no release dates have been set for the four 12″s.



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