Slint reform... for the third time

When does a reformation stop being a reformation? When you’re Slint, we guess. 

The American band may have only released two albums, but retain a status as one of the underground’s most celebrated acts, mostly due to the influence of their 1991 album Spiderland – a.k.a. FACT’s #3 album of the 1990s. In 2005, nearly fifteen years after the group’s break-up, Slint reunited for a series of live dates and to curate a UK edition of the long-running All Tomorrow’s Parties festival series. They then reunited again in 2007 to perform Spiderland in full as part of ATP’s Don’t Look Back series (they also performed new material this time around).

Well, here comes round three. In truth, it barely seems like a reformation at all (guys, just admit that you like to tour every few years – it’s fine!), but regardless, Slint will be playing ATP’s End of an Era event from November 29 to December 1, alongside Mogwai, The Pop Group, curators Loop and more.

Still, one big question still looms: could we finally get new studio material this time around? The group’s Dave Pajo claimed last year that Slint “have some surprises for [2013] that fans will be excited about.” Here’s hoping.

Stream Spiderland‘s ‘For Dinner’ below.



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