Kompakt regular The Field announces "darker, slower" new album <i>Cupid's Head</I>

Kompakt regular The Field will release his fourth album, Cupid’s Head, on September 30. 

The follow-up to 2011’s Looping State of Mind, a press release for the album claims that it’s darker and slower than past Field records, and the first from Axel Willner to be hardware only – no computers. Regular fans of The Field will note the change in the artwork – whereas past Field records have always used light backgrounds, this one’s dark grey.

“When I started to work on Cupid’s Head it was quite awkward”, claims Willner. “I felt that I had nothing to put into a new album and I´m not the type to sit down and force something out in the studio. But then, after a few modest attempts, I got a first loop together and running which turned out (in a short time) to be ‘No.No…’. It was a revelation of sorts as making it felt new to me, and different, and that’s when it all came out.”

1. They Won’t See Me
2. Black Sea
3. Cupid’s Head
4. A Guided Tour
5. No. No…
6. 20 Seconds Of Affection



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