One of Detroit’s most loyal residents looks at its history, music and uncertain future.

Techno legend and all-round good egg Carl Craig has appeared in a short film to introduce his beloved home city through a series of photographs.

Put together by French website Sourdoreille, the film sees Craig discussing the history of techno in the city, from the three “techno gods” – Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and his own mentor Derrick May – to Jeff Mills and ‘Mad’ Mike Banks, as well as touching on the city’s art collection and iconic buildings.

The film was shot the day after the city declared bankruptcy, adding extra poignancy to Craig’s narration – but as he says at the end, “Why don’t you guys come to Detroit and make a difference?” [via Beatport]

FACT TV collared Craig on a recent trip to London to take him record shopping at Phonica, where he taught us the importance of tuning forks. You can also check out his recent mix for BBC 6Music, which touches on an eclectic selection of the music that has influenced him over the years.



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