Following their Bangers & Ash 12″ series, New York label Styles Upon Styles have announced their first release proper with an EP from mavericks Archie Pelago.

Archie Pelago – the NYC trio composed of Hirshi, Kroba and Cosmo D – have been busy of late. They launched their own imprint with the challenging but rewarding Sly Gazabo EP, Hirshi is appearing on a South Fork Sound split 12″ later this month and the trio are headlining room 3 at Fabric on August 30 with their live show.

You can now add the Hall of Human Origins EP for Styles Upon Styles to this list. Set to drop on September 24, the release features more of the trio’s organic approach: jazz and funk leanings balanced against more energetic dance music tropes. The result is as always surprising but enthralling. You can hear previews of the EP’s five tracks below.

Styles Upon Styles will be releasing Hall of Human Origins on 12″ and digital with artwork from Calvin Ho (see above) and sleeve design from Tschiegg. You can pre-order the EP on their Bandcamp.

Listen to the tracks now:

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