Kompakt’s 20th anniversary celebrations continue with a deluxe release from the label’s co-founder.

Earlier this year, Wolfgang Voigt was invited to create a sound installation for the entrance of Art Cologne, his home city’s art fair. He came up with a manually operated arpeggiator which played a strange form of hand-operated machine music, and paired it with videos and ‘digital paintings’ he created by erasing people and text from images of urban environments.

The project was named Zukunft Ohne Menschen, which means ‘life after people’ – a title shared with a German TV show that imagined what would happen to our planet if humans disappeared. Now, he’s documenting Zukunft Ohne Menschen in a deluxe hardcover book CD release, with 10 tracks and 10 visual art pieces included in the limited edition package.

Zukunft Ohne Menschen will be released on Kompakt sublabel Profan on 2 September, and is limited to 500 copies worldwide. [via RA]

Voigt is one of a long line of techno producers to delve into sci-fi scenarios, of course – dystopic fantasies and extra-terrestrial invasions were explored in the early ’90s by the axis of Detroit producers that included Jeff Mills and Drexciya, and Mills himself is about to release the next instalment in his science fiction story about the last surviving human.


01 Z.O.M 1.1
02 Z.O.M 1.2
03 Z.O.M 1.3
04 Z.O.M 1.4
05 Z.O.M 1.5
06 Z.O.M 1.6
07 Z.O.M 1.7
08 Z.O.M 1.8
09 Z.O.M 1.9
10 Z.O.M 1.10



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