It’s a collaboration that’s been rumoured for a while, but a new interview with Drake in Rolling Stone confirms that James Blake is involved in his new album Nothing Was the Same.

We already knew about spots from Hudson Mohawke (who’s produced a track called ‘Connect’ on the record), Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, and now appearances from Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz and producers Hit-Boy, Boi-da (who was always going to be on it) and Detail have also been confirmed.

Most interesting, however, is the news of Blake’s involvement: the article doesn’t specify his role in the record (and he might not even appear on it as a vocalist), but it confirmed that he was brought in to aid the recording process. Blake explains that “I saw him at a show and told him I had some ideas knocking around, and he invited me to Toronto…Anything that comes out of that studio, I’m happy to be involved.”

You can read the full article here.



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