Vital homegrown techno label Downwards turned 20 this year – and, unlike some imprints of a similar vintage, they’ve not made much of a fuss.

The imprint, run by Sandwell District/British Murder Boys veteran Regis, has kept up a steady trickle of new releases, including Cut Hands’ hammering Madwoman EP and two 12″s of gunmetal techno from Berlin resident Samuel Kerridge. The label has also spread its wings with the announcement of a new sister label, Downwards America, to be curated by Sandwell District triumvir Silent Servent; Dva Damas’ glowering Nightshade LP followed, and mighty fine it was too.

It now appears, however, that Regis and friends isn’t going to let the milestone go by unmarked. As Resident Advisor report, the the label will toast the anniversary with a new compilation, 20 Years Of Downwards, featuring material from a number of Downwards alumni and affiliates.

Surgeon, trading under his birth name Anthony Child, will appear, and Napalm Death’s Mick Harris – something of a spiritual leader to the Midlands techno set – will contribute under his Fret alias. Familiar faces Antonym and Sleeparchive are also confirmed, as are feted double-act OAKE. Regis himself will make two appearances: one under his own name, and one in the guise of his and Peter Sutton’s long-dormant Mark F project.

Short samples of each track are available to stream here. No tracklist has been released as yet, but a rundown of who will feature is available below.

20 Years Of Downwards is due on September 18.


A1 Antonym

A2 Mark F

A3 Regis – Gymnastics 69 (Substance Remix)

B1 Anthony Child

B2 Fret

C1 CF Sleeparchive Mix 1

C2 Talker

D1 Kerridge




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