Melé announces video game-themed mixtape; watch the neon video for lead cut 'DMX'

The Liverpool-bred DJ/producer preps a sequel to last year’s Vanelé mixtape.

Krissy “Melé” Peers has long been a proponent of anything-goes, party-fueling dance music, dropping tracks via Mixpak and Grizzly and crafting a FACT mix at the tender age of 18. He released the Vanelé Vol. 1 mixtape last year, and he says his upcoming Vanelé Vol. 2 was crafted with video games in mind.

“The intro on this mixtape is a cover I did of the Super Mario Allstars intro, which was the first game I ever played. I always loved the sounds on the SNES and N64 games when I was younger. Some of the N64 games were so Yamaha DX7 heavy, especially Mario64 and Diddy Kong racing for example. The Banjoo Kazooie was also big one for me, I love that game,” he writes via email.

“I didn’t get into Sega type games until a bit later on when I got back into the Mega Drive. I never realised how sick the Streets Of Rage soundtrack was, some of the synth lines really sounded like the hardcore stuff I was listening to when I was in school, so i made a track called ‘Streets Of Rage’ which kind of kicked this whole thing off. Right now I’m playing a lot of Metal Gear Solid (which has a reference on the mixtape) and Super Mario Bros 2. I’m trying to collect every games console for my house at the minute… that’s the dream!”

Vanelé Vol. 1 garnered plaudits for its TNGHTish rap-rave hybrids, a style the producer continues on brassy, bombastic Vanelé Vol. 2 cut ‘DMX’, which samples the growls of its titular rapper and reaches for a dancehall vibe; the video is below. The mixtape is set for a free release on September 30 — check out the Sega-inspired cover art, too.



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