Jim ‘Om Unit‘ Coles – one of our absolutely favourite on-the-up producers – has announced details of his debut LP. 

Coles has caught a fair bit of notice in the last couple of years, but Om Unit isn’t his first incarnation: he turned out pureblood hip-hop as 2tall throughout the Noughties. His new alias, active since the turn of the decade, has seen him pursue a very different muse, bringing some of the head-knock sensibility of his early work and applying it to d’n’b/jungle templates and tempos.

Whether in collaboration (with Machinedrum on the playful Dream Continuum project) or alone (last year’s Aeolian ‎EP, footwork side-gig Philip D Kick), he’s an adventurous and often unpredictable beatmaker. He’s also a tall poppy amidst d’n’b’s oddball new breed, as outlined in our recent analysis of the scene; Exit, Autonomic and, most recently, Metalheadz have all put out his work.

The forthcoming Threads will be his debut album under the Om Unit moniker, and will arrive on regular home Civil Music in October. The album promises to be something of a pot-luck selection, borrowing from sources ranging from dubstep and jungle through to boom-bap and classic house. A host of guests are slated to appear, with Young Echo affiliate Jabu, Charlie Dark, Jinadu, and Gone The Hero all on board.

Threads will arrive on LP, CD and digital formats on October 28.


1. Folding Shadows
2. The Silence (feat. Jinadu)
3. Healing Rain
4. Jus Sayin’ (feat. Gone The Hero)
5. Drift Interlude
6. Reverse Logic
7. Corridor 2013
8. Nagual
9. Patients (feat. MC Jabu)
10. Deep Sea Pyramid
11. Wall of Light
12. Jaguar
13. Wicker and Pearl
14. Governer’s Bay
15. The Road (feat. Charlie Dark)



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