Tommy Johnson’s 1930 cut ‘Alcohol and Jake Blues’ goes for $37,100 on eBay.

An original Paramount Records blues release has become the most expensive 78rpm record ever sold after a buyer forked out $37,100 in an online auction.

The record, laid down in 1930 by early blues figure Tommy Johnson, is thought to be one of only two copies still in existence, and was described by its new owner John Tefteller as a “holy grail” for collectors.

Tefteller, who has stockpiled over 75,000 blues and rock & roll 78s over the years, intends to have the recording remastered and released. According to the collector, who specialises in picking up Paramount Records releases, there are still some legendary records by master blues musicians of the period waiting to be found. “Find me the missing Willie Brown or J.D. Short on Paramount label and you will see me writing really big checks,” he said.

As one of the first blues recording artists, singer and guitarist Johnson cut five records for Paramount during his brief time with the label between 1929 and 1930, and his music has become increasingly collectable as his legend has grown over the years. [via The Vinyl Factory]

Hear ‘Alcohol and Jake Blues’ below:




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