Experimental electronics veteran Scanner has rifled through his archives, and pointed us towards an absolute gem – rare-as-hen’s-teeth footage of a very young Autechre performing in their native Rochdale. 

The 20-minute video shows the Manchester duo performing at the Sweatbox 2 night at Rochdale’s Bojangles nightclub way back in 1991 – the same year the pair released debut EP Cavity Job. The video offers a motley assemblage of gurning rave faces and surprisingly glammed-up punters, soundtracked by the pair’s mutant electro. All very Mark Leckey, then, but a fascinating watch nonetheless.

To see where the band went next, delve into our The Essential…Autechre feature. Autechre are gearing up to release a new EP for Warp, L-Event. Check out the duo’s FACT mix too, which brings Bernard Parmegiani and J Dilla into direct proximity.

Scanner has been touring the UK with his critically feted Live_Transmission project, which has seen him work with the Heritage Orchestra to reconfigure work from the Joy Division catalogue – you can read our in-depth interview with him here.

[via Self-Titled Mag]



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