Jay Z will donate to the Marina Abramovic Institute

Hov continues his art world machinations with the promise of a donation.

The worlds of Jay Z and Marina Abramovic made an unlikely collision in July, when the performance artist made an appearance at Jay’s six-hour performance of ‘Picasso Baby’, a performance inspired by Abramovic’s 2010 MoMA exhibition The Artist Is Present.

Before the ‘Picasso Baby’ shoot, Jay Z met with Abramovic at her office and coaxed a donation out of the rapper for her yet-to-be-launched Marina Abramovic Institute; the institute reached its Kickstarter goal earlier this year. Abramovic LLC Director Giuliano Argenziano said that Jay Z “intends to offer the institute some other form of ongoing support” in a “long-durational collaboration,” while a spokesperson for Roc Nation offered only the following: “Yes, Mr. Carter is confirmed to make a donation.”

Whether or not this will be a significant investment, or the headline-grabbing, 50th of 1 percent share that he recently held in the Brooklyn Nets (which he was later forced to sell), remains to be seen. The ‘Picasso Baby’ “performance art film” is below. [via Gallerist]

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