We Major, indeed.

Kanye Wests long-awaited Yeezus tour began on Saturday in Seattle, and, as one might expect, few stops were left unpulled. Despite starting two hours late, apparently due to a stolen equipment truck, Kanye’s two hour set managed to cram in 27 songs spanning his full career.

More striking, however, were the rapper’s stage design and set pieces. As evident from the pictures (courtesy of ChildishvGambino) and videos below, the set boasted a giant mountain, which Kanye intermittently rapped from the summit of. An array of masked dancers also featured, as did – wait for it – a cameo from a Jesus impersonator during ‘Jesus Walks’.

Kendrick Lamar opened proceedings with a nine song set. Bad news for the people of Vancouver, though – Sunday’s show at the Rogers arena was pulled due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

The full tracklist for both sets is below, courtesy of Kanye To The.

Kendrick Lamar
1. Money Trees
2. Backseat Freestyle
3. Fuckin’ Problems
4. Swimming Pools
5. Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe
6. Poetic Justice
7. m.A.A.d City
8. Sing About Me
9. Compton

Kanye West
1. On Sight
2. New Slaves
3. Send It Up
4. Mercy
5. Power
6. Cold
7. Black Skinhead
8. I Don’t Like (Remix)
9. I Am a God
10. Can’t Tell Me Nothing
11. Coldest Winter
12. Hold My Liquor*
13. I’m In It*
Drunk and Hot Girl (melody only)
14. Guilt Trip*
15. Heartless
16. Blood On The Leaves
17. I Wonder
18. Runaway
Hey Mama (instrumental)
19. Streetlights*
20. Lost In the World
21. Heard Em Say
22. Stronger
23. Through the Wire (chorus only)
24. Jesus Walks
25. Flashing Lights
26. All of the Lights
27. Bound 2



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