It’s hard to believe that there are still some listeners out there who aren’t on board with Drexciya‘s unfuckwithable sub-aquatic electro.

Over a decade after the death of James Stinson, the duo’s music is still some of the most important ever to emerge from the 313, and Clone have been cementing their legacy with a run of jaw-dropping compilations. They’re now up to the fourth installment, which is due to hit the shelves this December.

There are five unreleased tunes included on Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller IV, which are nestled alongside absolute classics ‘The Black Sea’ (from the Warp-released The Journey Home EP), ‘Water Walker’ and ‘Mantaray’ (from Drexciya 4) and more. [via Resident Advisor]


01 Intro (The Unknown Aquazone)
02 Depressurization
03 Water Walker
04 Mantaray
05 Unknown Journey VI
06 Unknown Journey VII
07 Unknown Journey VIII
08 Living on the Edge
09 Hydro Cubes
10 Unknown Journey IX
11 Unknown Journey X
12 Aquatic Bata Particles
13 (Unknown Interlude)
14 Black Sea
15 Sighting in the Abyss
16 The Last transmission



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