Planningtorock follows up 2011’s politically charged W with a de-genderized study of femininity, and as peculiar as that might sound, if anyone can pull it off it’s Jam Rostron.

Her music has always been challenging and complex, but All Love’s Legal is described as being her most serious, refined and focused to date, finding its roots in the black, queer origins of dance music. The seeds were sown after Rostron returned from the particularly grueling W tour – she realized she wanted to make music that was inspiring and liberating, but also didn’t want to be patronizing about it. She soon came to the conclusion that she needed “to create music that is useful,” and All Love’s Legal was born.

Rostron has shared the album’s opening track ‘Welcome’, which is accompanied by a self-directed video, you can watch the whole thing here.

All Love’s Legal will be released in February 2014 via Human Level.


01. Welcome
02 ll Love’s Legal
03 Human Drama
04 Answer Land
05 Let’s Talk About Gender Baby
06 Words Are Glass
07 Misogyny Drop Dead
08 Beyond Binary Binds
09 Steps
10 Public Love
11 Purple Love
12 Patriarchy Over & Out

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