Hear 'Skycell' from Nguzunguzu's forthcoming EP on Fade To Mind

Nguzunguzu hint at the flavour of their sixth EP.

The things you learn in this line of work: a sky cell is where prisoners in Game of Thrones are locked up, so FACT has just discovered, in a jail called the ‘Eyrie’. The cells are open on one side with a thousand foot drop beneath, and they’re also a bit slopey, so if you fidget in your sleep you might see your life sentence suddenly cut short.

With that in mind, the brooding, shadowy mood of the title track from Nguzunguzu’s forthcoming Skycell EP has just right elements of fantasy and nightmare, underpinned as ever by the L.A.-based duo’s commitment to low-end. The Skycell EP is out digitally next week and physically on November 19 through Fade To Mind.

If you haven’t already copped Kelela’s ace Cut 4 Me mixtape, featuring production from Nguzunguzu, Girl Unit, Bok Bok and other future-facing producers, please rectify the situation immediately. In the meantime, see what the duo told FACT about their “sad, sexy, scary” music earlier this year and check out their FACT mix.

Hear ‘Skycell’:

Skycell tracklist:

01 Foam Feathers
02 Harp Bell
03 Vision of Completion
04 Break In
05 Tumultuous
06 Mecha
07 Skycell



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