"If a girl has a breakdown or if the black guy has a blog post, it's a rant": Sky Ferreira comes clean on ecstasy arrest

This week Sky Ferreira floored the FACT office with her ace debut album, Night Time My Time, which Lauren Martin deemed “a defiant and assured listen”.

The ever-candid young pop star was also refreshingly straightforward in an interview with Rolling Stone this week where she discussed her recent drugs bust – she was booked for possession of ecstasy, while her boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith of indie band DIIV (pictured with Ferreira above) was found to be in possession of 42 decks of heroin.

As far as Ferreira is concerned, the fact she’s taken the flak for it in the press is a typical example of double standards. As she told Rolling Stone:

“I’ve noticed — and I’m not saying Cole should get shit — but just because I’m the girl, I’m the face of this story. It’s way more scandalous to have a girl with drugs than a guy in a band with drugs. It’s the double standard. If a girl has a breakdown or if the black guy has a blog post, it’s a rant. Someone like Billy Corgan can write a whole entire thing and people are like ‘Oh it’s just a blog post’ and Kanye does it and it’s a rant.”

The press twisted the story to paint her as a heroin addict, she continued, without even mentioning the ecstasy.

“When I say I don’t do heroin people say I’m being defensive when I’m just being honest. I would’ve gone to rehab by now, I would’ve released a statement that was like, “I’m so sorry it wasn’t mine I was just in the car.” Sorry people! People are pissed about the ecstasy, but that’s not what they’re writing about. Everyone wants heroin. Because the truth is, they probably all do ecstasy, but they’re all high and holy. Other people have given me shit about it, and I’m like, “it’s on the radio!” Like every song is a song about molly. That’s life. I’m not saying that people should do ecstasy, but at least it’s a happy drug.”

The interview also touched on her musical plans following the release of Night Time My Time, with Ferreira hinting at a French direction for her next record. “I was talking to people like Air and stuff before so I’d really love to work with them. I really hope I can make a record with Daft Punk. I met Guy-Manuel and we like a lot of the same stuff and I feel like I could learn a lot from him,” she said.



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