The Austrian avantgarde legend has teamed up with New Yorker Arthur Ashin (aka Autre Ne Veut) and the results might surprise you.

Christian Fennesz was at the top of a list of dream collaborators that Ashin handed to the Mexican Summer label, so when they managed to wangle two days of studio time in Austria, it was a dream come true. The resulting track ‘Alive’ is as electric as you’d hope, with Fennesz’s whirlpool noise wrapping itself around Ashin’s wavering vocals and delicate pop sensibilities.

The song has been snipped from Mexican Summer’s forthcoming anniversary book Mexican Summer: Five Years which will be bundled with a 10″ record featuring (along with this track) collaborations from Bay Of Pigs (Spiritualized, Soldiers of Fortune, and Neil Hagerty,) Jorge Elbrose (Jorge Elbrecht and Ariel Pink), Quilt and Bobb Trimble, and The Lonely Sailor and Renée Mendoza Haran (members of Total Control, Lace Curtain & Ashrae Fax).

Mexican Summer: Five Years will be released on December 9, via Mexican Summer.



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