The 'former groupies of Reddit' thread is spilling dirt on Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Deadmau5, Prince and more, and the stories are incredible

A thread titled ‘Former groupies of Reddit, what was your experience?’ was started on internet beehive Reddit last night, and it’s already spilled incredible stories on Tiesto, Deadmau5, Prince and more.

A bunch of the highlights have come from female user nopenoone, who – allegedly, at least – “used to be an assistant TM for quite a few big-name EDM acts and was in regular rotation for artist handling for a handful of large festivals.” Afrojack, as if there was ever any doubt, “is a douche”, who “makes everyone leave the backstage, even if you have an AA or are a performing artist if he is out on his way to the stage or coming back from his set.” He’s also “very ignorant of music in general. He straight up said to me that he bothered to learn the Beatles names because he ‘doesn’t waste his time on old music no one listens to’.”

Israeli dubstepper Borgore, meanwhile, is “rowdy as fuck. Jesus christ that boy is insane. I handled him once and never again, I was exhausted. He tried to finger a girl in a club and when she complained he said ‘Bitch I’m Borgore’ and walked off. He also went around at an afterparty walking up to people asking for coke, and when I tried to stop him he says ‘oh please, I’m Borgore, no one is going to arrest me!’. He was a nightmare”, and Carl Cox “doesn’t tip. Ever. He’s loud and rowdy and likes bony white women, usually blond. He throws one helluva private yacht party during WMC. Every time I go he gets me fucking wasted… that dick. haha I love him. He gives the best hugs.”

Deadmau5 [above] predictably gets it in the neck: “He hates those who like him and treat him well. If you treat him like shit he likes you so much more. He also is obsessed with being the ‘hurr durr l337 m4st3r tr0ll lolololol’. I know a lot about Joel, including how he got to where he is and how if it wasn’t for the fact one artist, who is a childhood friend of his who he stabbed in back, he would still probably be living like a crack-den.”

He also once got seriously parred by Tiesto: “Lets see… 2009, Deadmau5 was slated to play a set between David Guetta and Tiesto, like a 30-45 minute set. Anyway, Black Eyed Peas performed that year, it was Fergie’s birthday so the stage manager let their set run over. Guetta throws a fit and demands his playtime to be the same, well, this pushes into Deadmau5′ set and now he’s down to 15 minutes. He’s throwing a fit and screaming at the manager that if his set is cut short he will NEVER play this fest again and reminds him that the crowd is out there for him. Tijs happens to be near by, walks over, calmly introduces himself (with a handshake to both Joel and the stage manager) and says “Well, see, I am the headliner, and those people are actually out there for me. So if this kid” (he seriously used kid) “goes even a minute over into my set I will never play here again. Choose wisely.” and walks off. Doesn’t even turn around to see the damage.”

Speaking of Tiesto, “There is a lot of Tiesto you have to remember when handling him (if people are going to meet-and-greet it must be in a certain lighting so you can’t really see his age or what touring has done to him. He’s also had a lot of work done), only girls of a certain look and likes multiples. When he leaves the venue, alley and path to his car must be completely secured, he really likes snow-peas and always has them in his rider.” That’s right, his meet and greets have to be done in specific lighting. Think about that for a moment.

Elsewhere, Steve Aoki is “a dick. He thinks its funny to talk about the girls he fucks in a really messed up way, and likes to push them to do really extreme things (like how he bragged he got a girl to fuck herself with this vase in his hotel room and made one girl sit in a cake and ‘ate the cake, icing at all out of her twat’)”, Fatboy Slim “once did so much coke in the greenroom he got a nosebleed and I had to replace the pillows on the couch”, and Diplo “has always been very polite to me, and he’s easy to handle but he likes suuuuuper trashy, really young (looking) girls. The kind of girls who look like they would taste like salty garbage.”

You can read the full thread here. Let’s face it, you probably already are.



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