Build your own Roland TR-808 drum machine
For 379 Euros, you can have your own clone of the legendary drum machine (sort of).

Feeling jealous of that irreplaceable red, orange, and yellow-buttoned drum machine in the collections of Neil Landstrumm and Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession-author Joe Mansfield? E-licktronic may have a solution for you.

The electronics company is now selling the Yocto, a clone of the Roland TR-808 machine. The kit comes with two circuit boards and all components needed to assemble the kit, except for a power transformer and — perhaps most importantly — the enclosure.

Sample the Yocto’s sounds and see the box in action, below. If this is a little too much assembly-required for you taste, check out John Twells’ guide to the best outboard music gear (including drum machines) that you can grab for under $350.



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