Fox News anchor goes nuts about Boards Of Canada live on air

Music has the right to bear arms.  

Here’s an unlikely sight, courtesy of Consequence of Sound. During a roundtable discussion on Fox News chat show The Five last week, Red Eye anchor Greg Gutfield was quizzed about the music featured on his show. He used the platform to give a very public shout-out to resurgent Warp duo Boards of Canada.

“I choose all of the music for my breaks, which is why it’s so awesome, and why everybody here doesn’t like it. I like electronica. My favourite band right now is Boards of Canada. Their new album, I heartily recommend…Boards of Canada is an amazing band. They’re Scottish.”

Scuzz-rock veterans Melvins and Ty Segall’s FUZZ project also get nods. Admittedly, Gutfield’s long been hipper than your average Fox anchor, inviting Ariel Pink, Fucked Up’s Damien Abraham and Stephen Malkmus to appear on his show. Whatever next? Bill O’ Reilly bigging up Eleh? Mike Huckaby vouching for :zoviet*france:?

Head here to watch the video; skip to the 1:30 mark to watch Gutfield declare his love. This week saw the release of a cracking mixtape of Gucci Mane/Boards Of Canada mash-ups – which, we presume, has rather less of a look-in on the Fox stereo.




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