A glimpse into the future of live electronic performance?

Musicians who use Cubase to build their tracks will be able to bin their keyboards, mice and controllers with the introduction of Minority Report-style gesture control.

Audio software and hardware company Steinberg has just released Cubase iC Air, a free system which allows users to tweak faders and EQ, move through arrangements and adjust almost any control using just hand signals. The technology works through a Leap Motion controller or depth cameras developed using Intel’s perceptual computing technology.

Cubase iC Air works with Cubase 7 or Cubase Artist 7. While the video (above) suggests that the technology will be used in studio settings, the introduction of gesture control raises interesting possibilities for live performance, and comes as many artists, DJs and fans are debating what constitutes a “live” electronic show. FACT’s Laurent Fintoni recently gathered six electronic artists – Scanner, debruit, Comfort Fit and trio Archie Pelago – for an in-depth roundtable on the future of live electronic music.

On the hardware front, earlier this month we rounded up the best outboard music gear for under $350, if you’re looking to do some pre-Christmas self-gifting.



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