The fourth in Demdike Stare‘s ongoing Testpressing series, Testpressing#004 might just be the best yet.

Opener ‘Fail’ is a punishing, slowly growing droner that gradually disintegrates into a fog of distortion and hiss. It shouldn’t surprise regular Demdike listeners, but be aware this is not for the faint hearted – any concessions granted by their (almost accessible) prior albums are kicked to the curb here in favour of bloody-nosed aggression and pitch-black darkness.

The record well and truly kicks into gear with ‘Null Results’, a continuation of the Testpressing series’ loose jungle theme that takes the darkcore template and tips it on its head, laying waste to hoover bass sounds, ear-pounding breaks and whatever else in the process.

You can hear the whole thing below, and Testpressing#004 is out now via Modern Love.



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