Houndstooth announce HTH vs HTH remix compilation pairing up Special Request, Akkord and more from the label's roster

Fabric’s label offshoot announces bargain end-of-year release.

Houndstooth have capped their debut year with a compilation that sees a clutch of names from the label’s roster go head to head on remixes of each others’ tracks.

Across the seven tracks you’ll find Paul Woolford operating under his Special Request alias to deliver a VIP remix of Akkord’s ‘Destruction’, with the Manchester duo returning the favour on ‘Lockjaw’.

Call Super swaps his ‘Dewsbury Severance’ for Second Storey’s ‘Still Seas’, while House of Black Lanterns exchanges ‘Broken’ for _Unsubscribe_’s ‘Spek Hondje’. Snow Ghosts (the duo of  Throwing Snow and Augustus Ghost) also provide a remix of House of Black Lanterns’ ‘Pale December’.

HTH vs HTH is something we wanted to do to give something back to the people who’ve been buying the records,” explained label A&R Rob Booth. “We’ve actually had fans and collectors sending us pictures of our entire catalogue to date and, in a sense; we wanted to offer those people some new and exclusive music that would tie off the year and release something that will act as an affordable label sampler to introduce casual listeners to other Houndstooth artists.”

HTH vs HTH release is available to download directly from the Houndstooth website for £1 (MP3) or £2 (WAV).

Hear the whole EP below:


01 Akkord – Destruction (Special Request VIP)
02 Call Super – Dewsbury Severance (Second Storey’s Quadraxx Mix)
03 House of Black Lanterns feat. Ghettozoid – Broken (_Unsubscribe_ Remix)
04 House of Black Lanterns feat. Rudi Zygadlo – Pale December (Snow Ghosts Version)
05 Second Storey – Still Seas (Call Super’s Fraud Loop)
06 Special Request – Lockjaw (Akkord Remix)
07 _Unsubscribe_ feat. Bear Who? – Spek Hondje (House of Black Lanterns Remix)



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