Theo Parrish to release split EP through Trilogy Tapes / Sound Signature / Palace Skateboards

Trilogy Tapes, Will Bankhead’s small label with a big phonebook, has announced a new release by Detroit hero Theo Parrish

The release is, in fact, a three-way split between Trilogy Tapes, Parrish’s own Sound Signature and Palace Skateboards, and features three tracks by Parrish: ’71st & Exchange Used To Be…’, ‘Petey Wheetfeet’ and ‘Blueskies Surprise’.

It closes a busy year for Parrish: he’s released three 12″s on Sound Signature and mixed the superb Black Jazz Signature: Black Jazz Records 1971-1976 compilation.

Not up on your Theo? Let FACT’s Mr. Beatnick guide you through his 10 essential records, and for more information on the new 12″, head here.

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